Skyway consulting is a firm that comes from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, and brings a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge. We include head teachers and senior leaders, Local Authority officers, inspectors and advisers. We are skilled at helping you analyze problems and find the solutions to help you move forward and understand in depth how to work with leaders and organizations to help them develop. Because we spend time in many schools and organizations we are able to observe numerous examples of good, innovative practices which can be shared with your school.


Business consulting solutions: Providing business advises and tips through local and foreign experts


Sourcing from china is quite a difficult and potentially risky task if you are unfamiliar with the local language, cultures, social behaviors and etiquettes. China is heavily bound with regulations and protocols.


天伟团队汇聚了一群年轻、专业并且敬业的职场人。我们年轻、勇于创新,与我们相处会充满乐趣。为了实现我们共同的理想和目标,我们给自己设置了严格的标准和要求。在天伟,客户的信赖是我们最大的财富; 诚信是我们的信条;道德和相互尊重是我们的指南针。我们大多数人都花了数年在中国学习和工作,非常熟悉中国当地的实际情况。因为我们熟悉中国的语言和文化,我们已经成为我们的祖国和中国之间的联系桥梁。

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